Advertising cooperation

Ticketing cooperation: acting as ticketing agent for racecourse

Dubai camel racing club membership system
Membership is divided into lifetime membership and annual membership. Members can enjoy Camelicious ® brand’s camel milk, drinks, coffee and tea to varying degrees.
Free use of the VIP lounge (remote control for camels directly participating in the race),
Dubai camel race meet camel master claim qualification
Camel owners enjoy the rights of lifetime membership, race camel naming rights.

Dubai racing camel association advertising and naming rights
The camel race will focus on attracting Chinese tourists, who now account for more than 1 million visitors to the uae and are increasing every year.
The race camel is affordable and operates 365 days a year without setting a high threshold like other racetracks.
The dubai royal family has given the biggest guarantee and support to the relevant operations. Through the marketing promotion of the royal camel sports management company, the camel racing club has become a must-visit spot for the uae people, and has become a web celebrity punch-card ground through the small red book and douyin-broadcast of tourists.
• track naming rights
• racetrack billboards
• grand prix naming rights

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Other cooperation

Royal camel group is now inviting the following channel partners:
Royal camel dairy products trading company is sincerely looking for offline channels and online non-Tmall partners for its products in China.
Royal camel cosmetics co., LTD. Sincerely invites Chinese online and offline channel partners;
Royal camel pharmaceutical co., ltd. is looking for online channel partners in China.
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