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Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to live like an Arab while visiting this trendy metropolis?
Traditional sports such as falconry, camel racing and dhow racing are still popular in dubai, and they used to celebrate the region’s Bedouin culture and pearl-gathering.

Falconry has been an essential part of desert life since the 13th century B.C. it may once have been a pastime for chieftains, but now it can be experienced by ordinary tourists.
Located in Nad Al Sheba, you can experience another part of desert life at Al Hurr Falconry.
It shows falcons, including peregrine falcons, falcons, ranna falcons, kestrel and hybrid falcons, with historical explanations of how falconry evolved from a method of hunting hares and bustars into today’s competitive sports.

If you want to really appreciate the best birds, you’d better give their travel arrangements in January, watch the dubai Ruwayyah region Fazza Championships, the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Heritage center (Hamdan Bin Mohammed Heritage Centre) will hold a series of games to carry forward the united Arab emirates (uae), including hunting, shooting, sea diving and Al Yullah (a traditional Arab dance).
This year, record-breaking flying speed earned the falconry champion a range rover and 500,000 dirhams in cash, adding fashion to an entrenched sporting heritage.
Note: gambling is prohibited.

Alongside the falcon hunt (and the Fazza Championship) is the traditional salugi (a desert-adapted greyhound known for its endurance and speed, reaching 60 km/h) hunting.
Bedouin use birds to intimidate prey and animals to help capture larger animals such as antelopes.
A day trip to ABU dhabi allows you to observe the dogs up close at the Arab saluchi dog center, which is adjacent to ABU dhabi’s falcon hospital.

The JA Shooting Club of dubai Jebel Ali is a safe and state-of-the-art Shooting facility with five floodlit venues (flying target, double non-directional flying target and/or two-way flying target), making it a great place to practice Shooting (using a rifle and a clay flying target, since hunting is prohibited).
It is an ideal place for the skilled to exchange their skills and for the untrained to learn to shoot.
After shooting, you can reward yourself with a grilled steak at Shooters, a western-style American steakhouse famous for its round glass walls that allow you to view the mud shooting range.

Let’s move on to the camel: for thousands of years, it was the bedouin’s beast of burden and essential to its survival.
If you want to see these “boats of the desert”, go to a camel race or take part in a camel polo match.
The camel polo competition was the first of its kind in dubai.
Today, Gulf Ventures is one of the best places to enjoy a day of camel polo with the experts.
Step into the green field, you will be greeted by professionals who will teach you the basic skills of the sport.
After a short training session, put your passion into the game, and the laughter and fun will follow.
‘it’s the ultimate corporate or family experience.

Experience camel racing at Al Lisaili racecourse and enjoy the spirit of modern sports in the uae.
From October to early April, the top camels on the track can reach speeds of up to 55km/h.
Enthusiastic trainers cling to the sidelines and ride along their tracks, holding their breath as much as possible, like feathery robot riders.
Sitting in the stands in the middle of the desert and high stakes is a unique experience.

If you travel here in March, you can enjoy another must-see race for emiratis, this time horse racing.
The horse racing.
The Dubai Crown Prince Endurance Cup is a race between the royal family and tourists. You will have the opportunity to come into contact with the royal family.
The must-see event features more than 100 elite jockeys competing on the 120-kilometer circuit of Meydan Grandstand.

These are experiences of traditional uae culture on land and at sea, but they are also interesting.
Pearl Diving with Major Ali will make you feel as if you have traveled through history.
Leaving Jumeirah Beach, you’ll sail into the emerald waters of the Arabian gulf to experience traditional dhow sailing, and you’ll be able to dress up in a pure white diver’s suit and search the seafloor for pearl-laden oysters.
Even if you come home empty-handed, memories of dubai’s history and a lunch packed with fresh seafood are embedded in your memory.

Dubai businessmen have been sailing traditional triangular wooden sailboats with flat tops and spinnaker sails for hundreds of years.
These days you can enjoy them at the Dubai Offshore Sailing Club and explore all the Tours offered by the Arabian gulf, as well as the chance to watch some of the biggest RACES ever.
If you are ambitious, learn the basics at Dinghy Park or Cruiser Facilities, or hone your skills.

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