Product launch event at Racing Club

Product launch event at Racing Club: October 16th!

On October 16, 2020, the Camelicious brand new product launch event hosted by Royal Camel will be held at the Royal Camel Racing Club venue. This new product launch event was held live watching camel racing simultaneously.

Over the past 35 years, Camelicious has grown from 625 camels in 2006 to nearly 10,000 camels today. The monthly cost of raising each camel is hundreds of dollars. Camelicious, adhering to the concept of bringing royal quality to ordinary people, has successively released: Camelicious pure camel milk, infant formula, various flavors of camel milk, children and energy milk, camel ghee, skimmed milk, camel milk coffee, camel Milk ice cream, camel milk shampoo, etc., are exported to China, 27 countries in Europe and the Middle East.

At this press conference, we will grandly launch Camelicious new dairy product series and skin care product series.

Camelicious Saffron Camel Milk Powder

The perfect fusion product of two famous specialty products in Dubai camel milk and saffron: Camelicious saffron camel milk powder, specially made from 100% pure camel milk and top Iranian saffron.

Camelicious Camel Milk Instant Coffee

One of the young and fashionable drinks recommended by the royal family: camel milk instant coffee

Camellure Personal Care Series

Camel milk soap, camel milk shampoo and camel milk shower gel were jointly released.







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