Camel Carriage Ride

Camel Carriage Ride

Visit Dubai Royal Camel Racing club to experience the exclusive feature “Camel Car”! The first Camel racing sports company in the UAE with a Camel cart will satisfy your curiosity and provide you with a grand visual feast and a unique royal experience. I believe you will linger back and forth!

Afraid of the desert being too hot? Don’t worry, our camel carts are surrounded by 360-degree air-conditioning, the arena is surrounded by greenery, and camel milk ice cream is provided for free, so you can feel cool in the hot summer!

Every race is a camel carnival. Under professional training, the camel can reach speeds of up to 60 kilometers per hour. The average horse can’t keep up with it. This discovery made it a ”  spaceship in the desert  “.

Dubai camel racing will make camel racing no longer exclusive to the royal family. There are delicious camel milk snacks, delicious camel milk, useful camel milk skin care products, hair care products and beautiful camel sculptures!

Go on a date with a camel!

Camels are national treasure of UAE. The importance of its status can be imagined! In the memory of Arabs, camels are their childhood playmates and the national soul of Bedouins.

To experience Arabian culture, you must try the Hannah hand-painted in our characteristic Arabian tent, camel handicrafts, camel souvenirs, camel feeding and other activities. 

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