Camel Racing in UAE

Camel Racing in UAE

The Royal Camel Racing Club, founded in 2019, it is the first and only camel racing platform open to tourists in the UAE. Located in Camelicious Ranch–the world’s largest camel breeding base, the total area of ​​the camel arena is nearly 30,000 square meters.

The main building has two floors. The first floor is the exhibition hall and the cashier counter where you can find many Camel Milk products on display. The second floor is an exclusive VIP area. There are specially prepared delicious Camel Milk Ice Cream, special Camel Milk Coffee, Camel Milk Bubble Tea, other refreshing drinks and special Camel meat burger and Camel meat hot dog for you to choose!

Majlis VVIP guests have a special opportunity to control the camel using remotes. They also have exclusive staff for full service while enjoying the thrilling experience of controlling racing camels with remotes. On the left side of the main building is the general viewing hall, which can accommodate 200 people at the same time to watch the camel race at close range and feel the speed and passion brought by the race.

Since ancient times, camels have always been an indispensable part of Arab culture. The’Desert Boat’ was not only an important transportation for the people at that time, but also an important family member.

Camel racing is a very traditional sport in Arab history, it is a royal sport loved by UAE locals. After long period of professional training, the race camels have developed a tough, brave and courageous character. They are no less than the steed horses in terms of endurance, explosive power and sprint speed.

Today, our club used another way to restore this traditional sport. For the safety and viewing experience, combined with today’s technology, we replaced traditional riders by a robot rider where you can control the camels using remotes. While keeping the traditional characteristics of Arabia, also allow everyone to enjoy the racing as a trainer without any training experience. You only need to tap the controller in your hand to easily control the racing camel, allowing your heart to run with our camel, giving you a different experience and memories.

Except the exciting camel racing competition, you can enjoy riding the “Princess” camel cart to experience the unique Arabian style, feeding the camel, taking a close photo with the camel while riding the camel and driving the cool off-road sand buggy. In addition, learn more about camels in our Bedouin traditional tent and exquisite sand painting carvings will surely allow you to fully experience the unique Arabian cultures.

Our race will start at 3:30 PM. For the safety, please do not break into the track to take photos during the race. Children under 6 years old are not allowed to enter the second floor corridor alone. After the racing, we have a Prize quiz and more exquisite gifts waiting for you.

We still have more exciting and interesting games and Raffle tickets. Purchase over Dh150 (except personal care products) and get Camelicious camel milk chocolate or Desert lover chocolate for free.

Purchase over Dh300 (except personal care products) and get Camelicious skimmed camel milk powder or Camelicious camel milk coffee for free.

Buy any Personal care products and get one free (camel milk shampoo). what are you waiting for? Come and join in our games, let your lucky camel win the race for you, and take away your prizes!

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