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Royal Camel Sports Management Company LLC is a sports management company under the Royal Camel Group. As the first camel competition platform open to all tourists in Dubai, it is located in Emirates Industry for Camel Milk & Products (EICMP). The surrounding environment is full of Arabic characteristics and buildings. The track is integrated with the world’s largest camel farm.
Dubai Royal Camel Racing Club is approved by Dubai Municipality and Al Marmoom Camel Track and operated by Royal Camel Sports Management Company. The race camel covers an area of ​​more than 30,000 square meters,it has a standard track of 400 meters, 200 people are able to be accommodated in Dubai Royal Camel Racing Club to watch the races, Over 600 square meters of VIP area watching stage + rest area. The environment is elegant and extremely Arab-inspired. It is very suitable for business visits and excursions. The tourist reception capacity is about 5,000 people per day.
The camel club has hundreds of high-quality professional camel races, which are collected and nursed by the Emirates Industry for Camel Milk & Products (EICMP). The camel milk factory raises imported first-class forage, which is carefully matched by experienced race camel nutritionists. The daily opening competition performance if from October to April each year. And included the monthly Racing Award competition .The competition prize is sponsored by well-known UAE companies. The competition integrates entertainment and competition into one, with a strong sense of participation and rich bonuses.

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Royal camel group aspires to become first-class performance, responsibility, built to last the international leading enterprises, since its inception, the royal camel group has been committed to maintain high ethical standards, and create value can provide customers with products and services, and become by customers trust and the choice of an international company, our aim is: “use camels resources, service society”